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Brick'd - 60% custom keyboard
by Nikola Pantic

Just like his friend Johan, Nikola has had an interest for keyboards for a long time. While being the owner of IBM Model M2 and Dell AT102W, Nikola decided to take a step down to a smaller form factor – and this by building his own keyboard with the help of his friends over at TEX Electronics in Taipei, Taiwan.

Brick’d is a custom made 60% keyboard with a GH60 PCB, a black metal plate and a fully CNC’d aluminum chassis with attachable feet from TEX Electronics. The switches are mainly Cherry MX Clears with a couple of heavier Cherry MX Greys for the stabilized keys. The keycaps are blank PBT with no engraving and they are accompanied by Cherry MX stabilizers. All components have been carefully selected and assembled with appropriate tools.

Brick’d is a solid, heavy, portable, customizable and very pleasant keyboard in a monochronic color scheme with some splashes of colors.

Hardware & modifications
  • PCB: GH60
  • Chassis: TEX Electronics 60% fully CNC’d aluminum
  • Plate: TEX Electronics 60% plate – black
  • Switches: Cherry MX Clear & Cherry MX Grey
  • Stabilizers: Cherry MX Stabilizers
  • Keycaps: Blank PBT – grey and colored
  • Soldered switches onto the PCB (PCB components were already finished)
  • Installed PCB and plate into the chassis
  • Installed all the keycaps
  • FN layers and keymap profiles
Sponsors of this project
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