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Custom wristrests from Laine

Besides custom PC’s I am very interested in custom keyboards, there is so much different stuff out there. Right now I am working on my own custom ErgoDox, I really enjoy building the keyboard myself, soldering everything together, sourcing out different custom parts.

One custom part I really like is wristrests, my first custom wristrest was bought from Massdrop, a wooden one made by Royal Glam. However quite recently a dear friend of mine who is a extremely talented modder,  started making custom wooden wristrests, and they are the best ones I have tried!

He have made the wooden wristrests you see in these pictures, a 100% one for my Strafe RGB, a 80% one for my K65 RGB and also wristrests for my custom ErgoDox, he even made the wooden ErgoDox case look much better with some aluminium.

If you want something similar you can contact him on his Facebook-page, I highly recommend you check it out because he also posts all his PC-modding related stuff there.

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