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K65 project: Weathering effect

So yesterday I started on a small quick keyboard mod, I had an old K65 RGB that I cleaned in my dishwasher, yes you read right. Ever since I was a small kid I cleaned my keyboards in the dishwasher and never any problem, you just have to let it dry completely after.

However this time, I guess the water and the heat made the anodized aluminium-plate on the K65 RGB to slightly change color into a bit blue/black.

So what to do? Well I took the keyboard apart and used some sandpaper to start to give the aluminium-plate a very rugged look, like its been used for a century. I also did the same thing to the keycaps to also give them a very used look.

It is not done yet, some small details left and of course a custom wristrest is ordered for this. But what do you think so far?

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