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C.ACE is my most recent finished scratchbuild, I made this build for Corsair to show off how small PC you could make with their SF600 and H5SF.

I started thinking about the design, I only work with pen and paper so I had help from a dear friend, Alexander “ace_finland” Hede who did everything in Solidworks and milled all the plates out, so a big thanks to him!

There is not much photos from the building process but I will share as much as I can here.

This was the design we ended up with, a small cube housing pretty powerful hardware with Intels i5 6600K and AMDs R9 Nano.

So all the plates were milled out by my friend ace_finland, 7 of them. In the front a 140mm fan with green LEDs was installed together with a power and reset-switch, also with green LEDs.

All the plates were mounted together with Parvum’s modding cubes, works really good!

Compared to a regular 330ml Coke can you see how small this PC really is. You can also see the layout of the inside and how tight everything is in there.

The top also got a small window to show off which cooler is inside.

The build ended up like this, I was satisfied with the end result and it was showed off at Corsairs booth at CES 2016 which was cool too!

If you want to see more photos and more information about this build, check out the project-page!

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