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Cold Winter
by Johan Nyman

Cold Winter was Johan’s second project which he started whilst finishing up The Red One, he actually used spareparts from his recent project to build Cold Winter. It all started with a piece of bent acrylic which he cut out to a shape he liked and then used that as a base for the project.

Using that base Johan worked with steel-sheets that was bended to fit the acrylic piece. Cold Winter went through a lot of different stages and different hardware, but this version you see here was the last and final one.

Hardware & modifications
  • Scratchbuilt case
  • Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI
  • AMD A10-7850K
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4GB
  • Samsung 840 120GB
  • Be-Quiet 300W SFX
  • EKWB XT 120
  • EKWB X3 150
  • EKWB DCP 2.2
  • EKWB Supremacy
  • EKWB fittings
  • Mayhems Pastel White
  • Cut out the shape out of acrylic
  • Cut out and bend a steel plate that would fit the acrylic piece
  • Cut out holes for fans, power button and LCD
  • Making a custom shroud for powersupply
  • Installing custom casefeet
In part 1 Johan shows us how he built this case from scratch.
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After a while Johan had to upgrade the hardware which also led to him changing to liquid-cooling, check that out in part 2!
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In the last part Johan shows how he builds a custom watercooling loop in this case.
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Awards & articles
Rig of the Month
In March 2014 Cold Winter got the Rig of the Month award over at Maximum PC as the third version of Cold Winter was completed.
Johan got the privilege to have his buildlog of Cold Winter posted as an article at Bit-Tech.
Go to this article ⟶
When Johan completed his third and last version of Cold Winter he was contacted by a swedish tech magazine called M3 for their feature “Innovator of the Month”. The was also published in their printed magazine.
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Sponsors of this project
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