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by Johan Nyman

Johan have always focused on building his cases himself, from scratch or from found objects such as the Coca-Cola mod, but when he found Cubitek’s Mini Cube, he fell in love and wanted to try to do a regular casemod.

Johan modified the case to fit a 240mm radiator and built a custom-loop with chromed copper tubing to fit the overall black-chrome theme of this mod.

Hardware & modifications
  • Cubitek Mini Cube
  • MSI Z87i
  • Intel i5 4670K
  • EVGA GTX460
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4GB
  • Samsung 840 120GB
  • Be-Quiet! Dark Power Pro P10 550W
  • EKWB XT240
  • EKWB X-RES 100 DDC
  • EKWB Supremacy Full Nickel
  • EKWB FC-460
  • EKWB HD fittings
  • Chromed copper tubing
  • Cut out a hole in the front for 240mm radiator
  • Painted the inside matt black
  • Made a custom shroud for powersupply
  • Removed all rivets and changed to M3 screws
  • Installed custom-milled casefeet
  • Cut out a hole for window and made custom window-frame
  • Sleeved all cables black
Part 1 - Casemodding
In the first part Johan shows how F4DE all started, how he modded the case and the graphics card to fit the overall theme.
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Part 2 - Watercooling
Part 2 is all about how the watercooling was installed and how the first version of F4DE ended up looking.
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Part 3 - Chromed copper tubing and final result
In the third and last part Johan shows how he fixed the last details to make the build as he wanted it to be from the beginning, with copper hard tubing and new hardware.
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