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Featured Mod: MetallicAcid’s 600bhp

It is about time right?! This Featured Mod is supposed to be the one for May, but it is very late and I am sorry about that. Although, I have a really awesome project to share with you, from the very talented modder MetallicAcid, his most recent build called 600bhp!

So Justin, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you started modding?

I started my modding by creating a simple dual SSD mount from a small piece of acrylic so it could be mounted behind the motherboard tray, and made a false floor from gloss black acrylic for my chassis so that it could mirror my kick arse components!

What was your idea behind this project and where did you find your inspiration?

The inspiration for this project come from a chrome wrapped Lamborghini Aventador, both the look and inside. Later in the project I decided to go with a brushed aluminium look because of two reasons – 1. One of the polished panels got badly scratched after someone dropped it (not me) and 2. Because I love brushed aluminium. 

Elements of the project such as the motor inspired SSD placement and cable management came from the meticulous engine bay of any Lamborghini.  

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was the water cooling loop, because I wanted it to be so unique as possible, and I wanted to use hard copper piping. It took roughly 4 days to plan and complete.

Thank you for your time Justin, any last words?

Thank you for the feature! If any one has any questions or feedback, please message me at

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