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Featured Mod: Mr3D’s Tatami

It is once again time for a Featured Mod, this is the 6th one and it is one very extreme and awesome project. It is Daniel “Mr3D” G Ask’s build called Tatami. I met him at Dreamhack Summer 2016 and saw his build in real life and it is insane!

I got the privilege to talk to him and ask him some questions about the build.

So Daniel, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you started modding?

My name is Daniel G Ask and I’m 23 years old. Right now I work as a tool maker/CNC-operator where I build mold tools for the plastic industry. My interest as a modder have actually always been there, maybe not specific for computers. But you know, generally building stuff. On the other hand, I’ve also always had an interest for computers.

What was the idea behind this extreme project and where did you find your inspiration?

It’s simple actually. I needed a new computer upgrade but at the same time I was dying to make my own case, just the way I wanted it. In the beginning of drawing the case, it was meant to be air-cooled, but after some thinking I decided to go with water-cooling and of course make my own water blocks.

Inspiration came mostly from myself and friends of mine. I started to play around in SolidWorks with different kinds of layouts, and drawing a frame that works good mechanically, that’s the key word here. I’m much better with mechanical engineering than aesthetic design. Well, after the frame was mostly done, I turned to my friends with the aesthetics of the side panels and it took a lot of time to get the design how I wanted it. And of course adding my mechanical touch, like flush windows, a flush front and the power-button

What was the biggest challenge with this build?

The design overall, but mostly aesthetic design. The manufacturing and assembling was pretty much straight forward, the faults I made with the manufacturing was mostly because of a faulty design (but that is fixed now).

Thank you for your time Daniel and for sharing these beautiful photos, any last words?

Thanks for hosting me! To all the modders, don’t be discouraged by the tools me or someone else have that you don’t. Base the design around the tools you got access to and use them to the fullest.

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