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Featured Mod: Timpelay’s ISO

It is time for a new Featured Mod, or it has been for a while. This time it is surely a very, very small build. It is as the last Featured Mod we had, based on a Gigabyte Brix. Its been built by a swedish modder called Timpelay.

Lets see what he has to say about ISO!

So Timpelay, tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hey, my name is Tim and I’m about to begin my 27th year being me. I’ve live together with my fiancé and our two cats outside Västerås. Been doing computer mods and stuff like that for a while now but really got going these last couple of years going to exhibitions and compete with my projects. It’s still a new dimension for me but I enjoy every minute in it.

Where did you find your inspiration for ISO, and what was your though behind it?

I’ve always liked the design of industrial high voltage- and switchgear equipment. Perhaps you can tell from my previous projects. I’m also a kind of guy who likes to create and customize things to share a certain feeling. Doing that often requires a bit of different choices both regarding design and function. What I particular was aiming for with ISO was to build me something I would love to put next to my TV or monitor. With this in mind I did go small, I refrained from fancy LEDs, focused on raw industrial design and built something drop dead silent. I built ISO.

What was the biggest challenge with the project?

Starting with a clear thought of the finished design but nowhere near a plan to get it together. I didn’t own a BRIX when I got the idea so it was quite hard doing estimated basic modeling how to build the “chassis”. Just a simple thing as changing the cooling fan was untested ground. What’s the power output? How will the fan characteristics be controlled from the built in software? I actually felt a bit lucky when everything was coming together real smooth at the end. But damn I’m proud of it!

Thank you for the privilege to talk to you about this project! Any last words?

Well thank you. I may use this opportunity to thank everyone who inspires me to create. I wish to be one of you.

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