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Featured Mod: Nizr’s W2AX

One of the features we will have on this website is the Featured Mod. One cool mod we find will, if the owner wants to, have a feature here on the website with a small interview and images of the project.

First out this year is the swedish modder Nizr with his really beautiful and minimalistic W2AX which he won the contest SMPC with just recently. Lets see what Nizr has to say about his creation.

So Nizr, tell me a little about yourself?

Well, my real name is Björn and I’m 29 years old, living outside Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife and our 2 year old daughter.

I have been building computers for about 12 years now. I have always made modifications but usually only practical stuff with no attention to looks and with a “what ever works” approach. Spring/summer of 2015 is when I started with this project, my second “public” one and this is when I stepped it up.

What was your thought behind this project?

I saw cooltek (Jonsbo) W2 and fell in love, I just had to get my hands on it. I wanted to clean up the internals and give it a more aggressive yet elegant look but still keep the original feel of the chassis. I choose air cooling because I truly love air cooling and I wanted to show that air cooled builds are beautiful as well. To be honest, I was actually pretty tired of all the hardline custom loops floating around.

There’s another kind of challenge with air – make it look elegant and not clunky isn’t always easy.

One of the keywords was “exclusive” so therefore aluminium panels and glass windows was the obvious choice.

Following my “signature” I made the build clean and quiet – something you’ll always see from me.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Definitely fitting the glass windows. Glass isn’t forgiving and is an expensive material. Which made me think more then three times before I almost made the decision to drill my own holes in the glass. I finally pulled my senses and decided to glue them on – which turned out great!

Thank you for the privilege to talk to you about this project! Any last words?

The modding community have welcomed me with opened arms, which I’m grateful of.

I also want to encourage everyone to always try to challenge them self and pay attention to details. That way we will see more unique and awesome builds.

Do what You want to do – not what you think others want to see.

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