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Dreamhack Summer 2016: Modding Grand Finale

So Dreamhack Summer 2016 is starting to get to its end, the modding contest finished today at 12:00 and it went really good. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place was chosen by a jury of the judges, which all have been modding and still do.

There was also a Peoples Choice where the people at Dreamhack could vote for their favorite, I think this all worked out really good. But now to the important part, who won?

1st place: Timpelay’s Dawn

2nd place: Eucalyptus Three Leaves
3rd place: AugustL’s Redox
Peoples Choice: Blue 780t build

We got a hold of Timpelay after the final to ask him some questions about his build, check it out below and enjoy the photos.

Hello Tim and a big congratulations to the 1st place! Lets start with the first and worst question, how does it feel?

Thanks man! This is awesome and I would like to say that I am proud of myself. My hard work and attention to details with this build seemed to be appreciated by the judges.

What was your thought behind this project and what was the biggest challenge?

I worked with the idea to create a solid high performance PC symbolizing a finished product without any kind of flaws. Actually the case itself was hard to work with as I decided to rearrange the layout inside. The case is originally built with a cage design and removable side panels. These panels were attached by special brackets that I could no longer use. So I had to come up with something to keep the entire case together without any mounts visual from the outside. This means the build has to be assembled in a certain order adding all hardware from one side. Makes the final assembly a bit difficult due to the size.

What did you think about the other builds?

The other builds were great! I’ve seen them online and this was my first close up view. Most exciting was that all builds were completely different from each other and you could easily spot themes and design thoughts behind every project.

So you won a invite to the next modding contest at Dreamhack Winter 2016, do you have any new build planned for that?

This was probably the best prize to win, a bucket of motivation. I’ve got a couple of stacked ideas containing both casemods and scratch builds. I haven’t decided yet what to go for and try to compete with. It will probably be a bunch of beautiful builds by my fellow modders attending and I will need to bring something real good if aiming for top three!

After the event we also met the winner from Dreamhack Winter 2015 with his insane scratchbuild with a lot of milled aluminium parts, we had to take some photos of that build too so enjoy!

This was everything we had from Dreamhack this year, it was a really nice event and we hope you liked the photos and articles from the modding contest!

Stay tuned for more modding related stuff! :)

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