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BarPC was one of my first client build, a friend of mine wanted a small PC for his bar, to play music and movies. I did not want to just put together a regular PC, so I started planning something more interesting that would fit in a bar environment. This is how I put together the BarPC.

I decided to go with a very small case, the Streacom F1C Evo.

For the hardware I chose Asrock’s E350M1 and Kingston sent me some HyperX 2x4GB DDR3.

The silver I/O-plate did not really fit in so it got some black paint.

Cooling is a bit limited in this case, so I did what I could with some 60mm fans, shortened the cables and sleeved them.

As this was meant to be a media-PC, I installed a IR-sensor on the inside of the case that could be used with this remote.

Once again I used a Pico-PSU, 80W version this time. I sleeved as much as I could. The SSD was installed on a bracket together with a slim bluray/dvd as my friend wanted to be able to use that.

That was all for the inside of the case, on the outside one thing I did was to install some nicer feet, hand-milled aluminium case-feet from Fannblade.

The big thing I did with the case was the engraving on the top-panel. I used something called carbon-paper to transfer the motif to the case, then I used a Dremel to do the engraving, it took a lot of time and patience.

My friend ended up very happy about the PC, it is still used today.

To see the final result, check out the project-page!

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