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SAIL: The Beginning

I am always working on more than one project at a time, SAIL is a new one I just started. There is one design I sketched up and planned to build a while ago, but it is a little bit too complicated to build right now. So SAIL will be a easier build for me to get some more experience on working with hand-tools and aluminium.

The tools I will use is a jigsaw, rotary-tool and hand-files. The case will be built with 2mm thick aluminium. I will use both regular air-cooling and water-cooling this time.

This is a very simple and quick sketch of what my idea of how the case should look like. I did not want to build a regular cube-case, so I went with the angled roof and GPU to give it a more unique look.

The hardware I will use is not super powerful but yet enough for some simpler games.

  • MSI Z87i
  • Intel Pentium G3258
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC
  • Corsair Vengeance LP 2x4GB DDR3
  • Corsair Force LX 240GB
  • Streacom Nano-PSU 150W
  • Noctua NHL9i
  • Magicool 92mm radiator
  • Alphacool DC-LT combo
  • EKWB FC750 block

I started by measuring out the bottom and backplate and the cutting it out with my jigsaw. After that I positioned the Mini-ITX motherboard where I wanted it and then marked out the holes for the standoffs.

I used a 2.5mm drill and then a 3mm tap to finish up the holes and then installed all the standoffs needed. Motherboard fits perfect!

To fit the backplate to the bottomplate I am using the same cubes as in my recent project C.ACE. This is small 12mm aluminium cubes which have threaded holes on all sides, I can really recommend these.

Here is some overview pictures of how the hardware will be placed. In the front there will be a 92mm radiator from Magicool and next to that a DC-LT pump from Alphacool with their top and reservoir.

The graphics card will be installed with an angle over the motherboard and then I will cut out a hole for a window in the top panel to see the hardware and custom watercooling loop.

This is everything for this time. I will be working on this build a little more this week so another update will be coming soon.

Next thing to do is to cut out a hole for the I/O-plate and graphics card.

See you next time!

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