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SAIL: Update 2

Long time no see! Sorry for less content here on the website but I have been extremely busy with other projects and just daily life.

But I am now back working on this small scratchbuild. A friend of mine told me that there will be a modding contest once again at Dreamhack Summer 2017, so that motivated me to get going again.

Since last time I have been re-organizing the layout of the inside, especially the front part with the radiator and pump, I switched places to be able to have a much tighter loop.

I really like the pump/res and radiator combo, they really work good together like this.

I was able to cut down a few cm on the length by this restructure, frontpanel was cutout and installed, only thing left there is to cut out hole for the 92mm fan.

On eBay I found a small fan-controller which I took apart and used only the PCB-part, I drilled out holes for the knobs on the backplate, this will be controlling the three fans as well as the pump.

I did not want the pump to be hold in place just by the radiator, so I cut out a small aluminium piece which I later bent and cut down to work as a pump-mount. I used hard foam between the mount and the pump, as well as softer foam between the mount and the bottom of the case.

In the next update I will go through the SSD, the sleeving and the 92mm hole in the frontplate.

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