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Massdrop 50$ giftbox

Massdrop is one of my favorite sites right now, they arrange big groupbuys on all kinds of different products and makes it possible to buy something cheaper then the MSRP.

They have all kinds of different categories, custom keyboards, headphones, fashion, every day carry etc. The thing I like the most with Massdrop is that they put up really cool products on their site that I have never seen before.

EDC or every day carry is one of my other hobbies I have and Massdrop often have cool gadgets, knifes and small smart tools that is perfect for EDC.

Massdrop also have a system where if you refer 5 friends and they all make a purchase, Massdrop will send you a “mystery box” with stuff worth 50$ and thats what I got in the mail today, so lets unbox it and see whats in it.

First we were greated with a thank you card from Massdrop. When you have refered 10 friends who all made a purchase you will get another box worth more.

The first product we got was MEE Audio M6 in-ear headphones, I dont use in-ear headphones personally so this would make a perfect gift for someone.

Next item is a small folding titanium spork from Toaks. I have actually bought some camping stuff from Toaks and they do really nice stuff, this sport comes in a small orange bag.

I really like Toaks stuff so this was a nice item for me!

Onto the next item and I was happy already when I saw the box, Pilot. I love pens, I have bought some different ones from Massdrop because when I plan my different mods and builds, I dont do 3D sketches in CAD-softwares, I use a pen and paper so I enjoy a really nice pen.

When opening up the box we see that it is a fountain pen, I actually dont use fountain pens but it felt really nice, this will also make a perfect gift.

Next item was a small ruled notebook from Clairefontaine, I use notebooks all the time because of same reasons as I explained with pens, sketching and planning my builds and different projects for work, so this is perfect for me.

Last item was the biggest one, bubblewrapped as well. After I removed the bubblewrap I saw that it was a hydro flask, which is like a thermos, also a good item!

That was all for this unboxing, I was really happy about the spork, notebook and the hydro flask, the rest will probably be gifts to friends. Lets see when I will hit 10 refered friends, then I will be back for sure.

If you want to support us, register on Massdrop via this link.

See ya!

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