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The Boy and the Computer

One of the sites I browse through every day is Kickstarter because it is a nice place for inspiration and sometimes I find projects that I really want to back. A few weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco for work and at the airport I was browsing through Kickstarter and found a project called The Boy and the Computer.

“The Boy and the Computer is the first graphic novel of its kind and offers a unique educational opportunity for anyone that wants to learn about and play with innovative technology. It incorporates existing tech, offering them a way into the Internet of Things. Using QR codes, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and hands-on tutorials, readers learn with the characters as they vividly experience real hacker culture.”

My passion since I was very young have been technology and PC’s, that was what in the end led me to PC-modding and starting this site. I also became a father very recently so this project was really interesting for me. I would have backed it even if I did not have a child because this is really cool.

Who does not like graphic novels? Who does not like technology? :D

Check out the video and be sure to check out the Kickstarter page if you want to back this project, just a few days left now!

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