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CURV3D: Update 4

In the last update I went through how I sleeved everything, how to paint aluminium and how the front/backplate and fan-grill was installed.

I was able to finish this build, with the Corsair H75, in time for Dreamhack Winter 2016 and the modding contest they had. In this update I will show how the hardware was installed as well as how I configured the LCD and how Dreamhack went.

So lets install the hardware! In a small scratchbuilt case like this you often have to install the hardware in a particular order, so I started with the motherboard, I routed some cables under the motherboard to hide them better.

Next thing to do was to mount the custom SSD-holder to the radiator and then install the radiator in the case, after that I installed the block to the CPU and installed all the cables and tied them down so everything would look as smooth as possible.

The LCD I used in this build is a 4×20 from, that had to be configured before Dreamhack. So I started by installing Windows 7 on the PC and the drivers needed for the LCD, then I configured it with a software called LCDSmartie. I use three different layers of screens, the first one just says CURV3D by C4B12, second one shows all the sponsors and the third one shows the most important, system info, everything from CPU temp to free RAM.

I wanted to be well prepared for Dreamhack, so I started looking for a perfect box for the case, I finally found a old box with products I got from work which was good, it fits a motherboard box which I used to store some tools, polish, polish cloth etc in, then the build it self goes on top with some bubble wrap.

This was used for Dreamhack so I could repair the build if needed and also polish it to make it look as good as possible.

The AIO-edition ended up looking like this! I am pretty satisfied with the result, but I cant wait for whats next though.

For more photos of the build, check out the project-page!

Oh, you might have wondered how it went at the modding contest at Dreamhack?

Well the modding contest at Dreamhack had two different classes, sponsored and enthusiast, I got 2nd place in the second one winning 7500SEK (around 800USD) as well as some hardware from Cooler Master, I am very proud and happy! For more photos from the contest, check out this article!

Now when Dreamhack is over the plan is to rest a few days, then remove the Corsair H75 from CURV3D and make a completely custom loop with hard-tubing, that is what the next update will be about!

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