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The Red One: Part 2

In Part 1 of this build I showed off how I started building The Red One. In this part 2 I will show how I finished the case with acrylic parts and lighting!

In the front there were a big hole that I did not want to leave as is, so I got some 8mm thick tinted acrylic that I cut out a piece of the have as a window.

With the same kind of acrylic, 8mm thick, I cut out a top-panel that was installed with hinges, the top window also housed two red cathodes to light everything up. These were very popular back then, but was of very poor quality, had to change mine out several times.

For this build I thought that it fit very good with the red LED fans and the red cathodes, made everything look very warm.

Sleeving and hardware then? Well thats what you will see in Part 3!

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