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The Red One: Part 1

I started this site some years ago to show off my builds. This is something I still do under the Projects part of the site, but some of you may wonder how I built the different PCs, so I will start working on buildlogs for all my builds.

So of course I will start with The Red One, my first serious modding project. I started that project in 2009 as a school project and it was finished in 2010.

It all started out on a forum called Sweclockers, I had been reading that forum since 2005-2006, about PCs, overclocking, modding etc. I found a small gallery over there of a PC built into a bottle box. At that time I was working in a grocery store and found this Coca-Cola bottle box.

I started removing the plastic parts on the inside to make it possible to house a complete PC.

I cut out a Micro-ATX motherboard plate from an old case and installed it with hinges in the box. The old retro grey color was not really ideal so it got some black paint. ATX power-supply was installed right next to it.

I also needed cooling in the case, so what I did was to cut out holes on both sides for two 120mm LED fans, I think they were Revoltec fans. Fangrills were also painted black and installed.

The bottom of the case was all naked, so I cut out an aluminium plate and painted it black to cover that. The power-switch was something I was very proud over back then, it was a regular switch with a Coca-Cola bottle cap glued to it.

In part 2 I will show how I finished the case with some acrylic parts!

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