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The Red One: Part 3

In part 2 I showed off the acrylic parts I added to finish up the outside of the case, now I will go through how I was sleeving the power-supply and installing the hardware.

I took the power-supply apart and painted the outside black. For the sleeving I chose black and red, this was the first time I ever sleeved anything so the result was not ideal.

It ended up like this when everything was installed.

I bought a 92mm red fan for the CPU-cooler for the hardware I had back then, this build had many different configurations of hardware, for example, I brought this PC to Dreamhack Winter 2010 and then I installed my main PC into it so I could play some games, but what I ended up with in the end was this, some old Socket A setup.

To see final pictures of the final result, check out the project-page!

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