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The Red One
by Johan Nyman

The Red One was Johan’s first real project, before that he had only made regular PC-builds and smaller modifications, this time though he went all in. This project was also his high school project. It all started with a old Coca-Cola bottle box, Johan completely re-made the interior and exterior of the box to fit a Micro-ATX system and also look pretty cool.

Johan is very proud of the little powerswitch made of a Coca-Cola bottle cap.

Hardware & modifications
  • Scratchbuilt case
  • Asus M2N68-AM Plus
  • AMD Athlon 2 X2 245
  • PowerColor Radeon HD4650
  • Corsair 2x2GB DDR2
  • 250GB IDE harddrive
  • Corsair 400W
  • Stock cooler
  • 2x 120mm Revoltec fans
  • Cutting out material to fit a entire PC
  • Cutting out holes for fans and windows
  • Installing front window and top window with hinges
  • Installing a bottomplate with custom casefeet
  • Making a custom powerbutton out of a bottlecap
  • Sleeving everything black and red
In Part 1 Johan shows how this build started back in 2009.
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Johan used some acrylic parts for this build, you can see that in Part 2.
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The sleeving and installing of hardware is shown in Part 3.
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